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Fees generally

While we try to keep our charges competitive, our expenses are higher than those of an equivalent general practice because of the need to maintain a Central London presense  to serve an international client base.

Written agreements

We will not commence work on your matter until we have agreed the basis of the charge with you in writing.

Fixed fee agreements

Wherever possible, we offer fixed fee agreements.  If you have a fixed fee agreement, there will be no additional charges unless you instruct us to do work that is not included in the agreement.

Timecharge agreements

If you have instructed us on the basis of a charge for the time we actually spend on the work, you will have to pay for all the time spent by our fee-earners (calculated in minimum six minute units).  This includes telephone calls to, and meetings with, fee-earners and any travelling or waiting time incurred by them for work outside the office.  Hourly rates differ depending upon the status and experience of the fee-earner and the type of work performed.  The rates range between £150 and £500 per hour.  As well as the basic time charge which covers our costs, we are entitled to charge a further profit uplift: normally 33%.  We will give you an estimate of the overall charge at the outset and will try to keep you informed of any changes in the meantime.  We normally require to hold money on account of our charges and any expected disbursements (i.e. outgoings).


We are VAT registered and VAT at 20% will be added to your total bill.  Some transactions do not attract VAT, notably those with some clients resident abroad, but unless we have agreed in writing at the outset that VAT is not payable you must assume that it will be charged.

Fees in immigration cases

Wherever possible in immigration cases we offer written fixed fee agreements after potential clients have attended a preliminary free interview.

Because Brion & Co does not treat immigration applications as mere form filling exercises, it is not possible to list standard prices even for what might appear to be routine applications.  We are not willing to put clients at risk by completing immigration application forms without first looking into each client's particular circumstances.

Our fixed fee offers in immigration cases are loosely based on the same criteria as for our general legal work.  By and large, they are unlikely to be less than the fees charged by the immigration authorities, who, incidentally, do not employ qualified lawyers to process the same applications.


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