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My firm

I am Chris Brion and I am currently the sole principal of Brion & Co Solicitors.  Brion & Co practised in Central London for more than 30 years specialising in non-asylum immigration law with a client base mainly from the Far East.  From 1999 it was also a firm of solicitors  offering a wide variety of legal services. In 2022, I decided to retire and relocated the firm to its current address in Devon so that I could finish processing my backlog of cases and could restrict my work to those matters that particularly interest me.

The firm's history

The firm was founded by me in the 1980s when it was announced that Hong Kong would be returned to China. I was then at university studying for a law degree after having previously served as a Hong Kong marine police officer and then as a UK immigration officer.  The firm's initial purpose was to assist people in their immigration to the United Kingdom from Hong Kong. At the time, I intended to pursue a career as a commercial lawyer in the City of London, but my immigration firm was such an instant success that I decided to abandon my plans for a commercial law career.  In the following thirty years, the firm developed a worldwide as well as a UK wide client base.

My remaining areas of work

I can no longer take on new immigration applications because the very long Home Office delays mean that I would have to keep the firm running indefinitely.

Because I no longer employ staff, it is no longer practical for me to do routine work.

Since moving from London, I have taken on some litigation cases.  Some of these involve fraud, forgery and tax evasion.  I am a solicitor advocate with higher rights of audience in the civil courts.  I would be willing to consider taking up similar matters.

I also have a special interest in firearms licensing cases and appeals to the Crown Court.



Wherever possible I offer a fixed fee agreement.  If I am instructed on the basis of the time I spend on the work, my hourly charge ranges from £200 to £650 per hour (calculated in 6 minute units) depending on the type of work.  VAT at 20% will be added to all bills.  I will not start work until I have agreed the basis of the charge in writing.  I normally require to hold money on account of our charge and any disbursements


Previous clients

I am always happy to hear from old clients and to help wherever possible


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